Untapp Fitness

"They got my site up and running in like 20 minutes after I signed up! So cool!"

- Jimmy B

Online Coaching

Why go virtual??

Connect with hundreds of more clients!

No more hourly coaching!

Convert your hourly business to one that can rapidly scale!

Monetize your following

Bundle all your Instagram and YouTube workout videos into programs for your clients!

"I used to have to ask for DMs from interested clients and then get paid from Venmo. Now I just direct everyone to my Untapp profile!"

- Grant K

My Untapp Profile


Become an elite brand with your own personally-styled website.

Automate payments

Clients pay you through the site. We handle all the processing, you just collect the money!

Showcase your content

With intro videos for all your plans, you can give your clients a clear idea of what they are paying for.

Get back to coaching!

We have the tech covered. Let us take care of you so you can get back to doing what you love!

"My app makes it so easy to stay in touch with my clients"

- Hannah G

Mobile Apps

Android and iOS

Let your clients view your workouts on the go.

Stay connected

In-app Chat lets you encourage your clients, give them feedback, and keep them accountable.

Educate your community

In-app Forums help you keep your clients informed on any topics relevant to your business.

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